Some truth on Syria

I met a woman yesterday afternoon who just arrived from a six month mission in Syria with Médecins Sans Frontières. Our group of Celtic supporters fell in with her and her friend at a downtown bar and it came up that she had just arrived from Syria two weeks ago. I will call her ‘A’. As soon as we started talking I could see her relief at having finally met someone who had a perspective on Syria close to watch she actually experienced there. She kept saying, “I LOVE this man!” and “You’re the first person since I’ve arrived who hasn’t made me feel crazy!”. (Apart from the friend she was with, that is.)

A’s problem since her arrival is that all her friends and family know about Syria is what they get from mainstream sources, and so apart from having to deal with coming back from a war zone, she’s back home and no one is anywhere close to being informed on the real situation in Syria. In fact, they are misinformed. She did not strike me as a political person, just a social worker who wants to make a difference and went to Syria to work with children. She has heartbreaking stories to tell about what these children are going through. Imagine you were 7 years old when the Syrian War started, and now you are 14 years old and the war is still on and half your life all you’ve known is the violence and trauma of war. What does that do to a child? Of course, it’s happening just about anywhere the U.S., U.K. and NATO decide on their fake “humanitarian interventions”, but it’s not every day one gets to listen to a person who was actually working with these children, day-in, day-out. And just think about this: the children of Gaza. What do we do for them? We give money and arms to their oppressors.

I have posted quite a bit here on Syria over the years, and what she had to say about what she saw and experienced there generally confirms much of what I’ve posted, which is mostly based on what people who have actually been there have reported anyway. It isn’t a civil war in Syria, it’s a proxy war funded by the usual (US/UK/NATO) suspects and justified by the massive war propaganda machine known as the “mainstream media”. Most of the “freedom fighters” aren’t Syrian, and are far from being “moderate rebels”, but rather of the type we call “ISIS”. We have other names for them, but that’s pretty much what they are. What is going on in Syria is yet another crime against humanity perpetrated by so-called “good guys”, the same “good guys” who are allied with Saudi Arabia and who support Israel no matter what they do. The sooner we disabuse ourselves of the notion that Western powers have any moral high ground, and that the Western mainstream media actually tells the truth when it comes to the ludicrous notion of “humanitarian interventions”, the better.

And if we want to get an idea of the truth, we should at least ask “Who benefits?”, and then start listening to what the people on the ground are telling us in any given situation, not war propagandists sitting comfortably in studios in London, New York, or Washington.