It’s Sunday morning, “almost my favourite time of the week”, having a coffee and smoking too much. Yet another dull day in what seems like a week of dull days. It’s been a fairly quiet weekend…my roomate’s on a weekend tour of Ontario with Starvin’ Hungry, I’ve got the place to myself, and I’ve hardly been out. It’s kind of nice. Watched the Habs lose a close one to the Leafs last night. It’s never a good feeling losing to the Leafs, especially when Eric Lindros scores the winning goal. Like most Quebec hockey fans, I don’t think very much of this pea-brained former hockey prodigy, though I’ll admit that he’s a good player who was steered in the wrong direction by his parents.

I’ve had high-speed Internet for the last couple of weeks and I”m loving it. I’ve got my internal network setup and running both Linux and Windows XP hosts. Best of all, even when the DSL is down, as it is now, I’ve got access to another wireless link from downstairs. Wonderful.

I’ve just recieved a couple of calls, one from the new tenant in my old place. She needs a copy of my previous lease because her and her roomate are taking the bastard landlords to the Regie for over charging the rent. After I left, they did two months worth of renovations and then got a couple of McGill students who aren’t from Quebec. They figured they didn’t know the law, but they enough to know that what they’re paying is too much for what they have. When I left that place, my rent was 350$. The new tenants are paying 1150$! Apparently the Regie have stated that even if they did 50,000$ worth of renovations, the rent would only be in the 5-600$ region. So I’ll gladly oblige. Go get’em, Dominica!

The other call was from my good friend Geoff, suggesting I join he and his wife and a couple of others at the World Press exhibition and then a trip to the fabulous DOLLAR CINEMA to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I never thought I’d being seeing that kind of movie, but I hear it’s funny and at any rate the dollar cinema (used to be the Decarie Square Cinema) is simply one of the best deals anywhere. EVERYTHING is a dollar. Adminission, popcorn, drinks, candy. Now that’s a deal!


Scotland v Netherlands – Upset in the Making? Not!

UPDATE We were thoroughly trounced 6-0 in Amsterdam. Oh well.

It’s been a long while since us poor Scotland supporters have had anything to cheer about, but in the first leg of a two game play-off for Euro 2004 qualifying, Scotland were both brave and lucky – and that was good enough to beat Holland for the first time since 1982. The last time I had been able to share the joy with other Scots over a Scotland victory was, if memory serves, our match against Greece which brought us to the Euro 96 Championship in England. That was a beauty.

I won’t be able to see this game, but I’ll be listening to as much as I can on BBC Scotland’s Sportsound.

These have been rough years for Scotland fans. Back in the 60s and 70s, Scottish national teams were loaded with talent, but always had problems working together as a team, probably due to the fact that the teams were almost always filled with Celtic and Rangers players who had no great love for one another. Today, Scotland doesn’t have a fraction of the talent it once did, but apparently they can work better as a team. This team is young, and gives me a little hope that we can be competitive once again.

Football is huge in Scotland, though not as much as it was once. Most British attendance records have been set at Glasgow’s Hampden Park, though in those days most people stood in the terraces. Today, Celtic Park, Ibrox, and Hampden have all-seated capacities of 60,000/50,000/50,000 respectively. That’s 160,000 seats for football matches in a city with a population of 620,00. Celtic Park and Ibrox are still routinely sold-out, and are among the biggest in Britain.

The football tradition of Scotland is undisputed. The first international match ever played was between Scotland and England in Glasgow way back in 1872 at, of all places, the Cricket Ground. It was a 0-0 draw.

So all this to say that Scotland has a long and proud football tradition that has seen better years. Let’s hope that today, Scotland can once again feel some pride in the National Team.