After a Long Hiatus

…I’m back, I think;-)

I could get into an involved story about just how screwed up this past winter has been, but I won’t get into it. It was a case of an already tenous situation getting much worse until it finally ended on Feb. 23. Suffice it to say that I’m currently unemployed, but relieved that the situation worked out alright and my relationship with my previous employer is over. I qualify for EI benefits and I’m currently looking for work. There are no hard feelings. Time to move on.

I am slowly beginning to regain focus, trying re-create my day in such a way that everything I want to do I do, and that requires some kind of order, both in time and space. If I don’t stick to a schedule and organise the day ahead of me I’ll putter and dabble, never really getting anything done. And I want to get things done.

I’m feeling the need to create something from the various fragments that make up my life. Writing in this little blog is a big part of it because it’s my space to write as I please and work out idle thoughts and develop ideas. Of course, I could do all this in a paper journal, but where’s the fun in that? I’m going to take on the task of getting comments working, or may just move this journal over to Moveable Type




Welcome to my little blog, a place on the Internet where I can document the goings on in my life and neighbourhood, one of the great places to live on the planet. It’s been 10 years for me in this place, and there’s rarely been a dull moment. The problem is those of us who live here often get a little insulated from the rest of the city, and lose touch with those unfortunates who live in more far-flung districts like St-Henri or NDG. A lot of time just gets sucked up in the neighbourhood, sucking back espressos at Laika, or meeting up with the rest of the ‘hood at BarFly, the last of dying breed. I’ll be writing plenty about this place in this space – not only is it the friendliest, dingiest, smokiest bar on the Main, it also happens to be a great place for catching local musical talent in any genre.

If you want to know a little more about me, my only other real blog can be found at K5, though I haven’t added anything new there in over a year. What do I hope to achieve with this blog? Perhaps a kind of living history, since without writing, most of my life will just pass into a kind of oblivion, and I feel some of what I experience in daily life is worth writing about.

So what to expect? Stuff about the neighbourhood, the bands I see at BarFly, the bands I see put on by the good folks at Greenland, Glasgow Celtic and football in general, some discussion of the insane political culture of our neighbours to the south of us. On the latter point, I’ll probably reference many articles originally linked frorm cursor. I’m a Linux System Administrator and have no love for Microsoft, RIAA/MPAA, or software patents. Clearly, there’s tons for me to write about so I won’t go on. Plenty of time for that I hope;-)

So that’s it for my first entry. Plenty more to come.