I’ve just tagged all my entries concerning Alex and the Nils as memorable entries so that they can all be found easily for anyone who is interested. The archive I had of all the posts on the Montrealshows board has been unavailable for some time now but will be up again soon. Same with some of the photos. The server I archived them to has been down and I don’t know if it’s ever going to be up again.


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Looking forward to playing at Kim’s & your b-day party

    L’il Buck is kindly giving us (Randboro) an opening set for March 3rd. I’d do a Nils cover but there’s no way we’d do it justice. By the way, I just tagged you with a meme, buddy! Gotta pull out all the stops to prompt you to post something, eh?
    -Scott in Montreal

  2. Hey John, My nephew has created some pretty mean dance moves for the Mala Leche album…… He’s giving lessons. Happy Pre Birthday!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Hey Campbell, Just thought I’d wish you a Big Happy Birthday!!!!!!


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