Bad Religion last night

I was settling in to a good night of telly – watching “Invasion” (which is really quite good) and then getting set for “Lost” – when I got a call from my good pal Rick. He was at the Barfly and was supposed to be going to the Bad Religion show with Carlos, but Carlos bailed so he asked me to come along. “Get down here! I’ll get the cab and buy you some beers”. How could I refuse? Quality time with Rick and a chance to see a band I loved when I was an 17 year old suburban kid. I hardly know what Bad Religion have been up to since, but I figured what the hell. Jack Rabid still likes them, and if they’re still good enough for him they should be good enough for me.

The Metropolis was completely sold out, filled with 2200 francophone teenagers and CEGEP aged kids who were very pumped for Bad Religion. If someone had told me 20 years ago that Bad Religion would be this big in Montreal I would never have believed them. But big they are.

I didn’t know any of the material, but it was a blast anyway. This crowd knew all the words to all the songs and belted out the choruses so well that singer Greg Graffin was moved enough to say “You guys have the best voices we’ve ever heard from an audience yet!” I wouldn’t doubt it. Rick and I were blown away by this passionate crowd. I’d say when it comes to passion, it’s hard to beat the young fans of Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and Megadeth. All of these bands bring young francophones out in droves, singing the songs en masse and on key. Bad Religion let it be known how much they appreciated this audience throughout the set and there’s no doubt in my mind their Montreal fans will be tough to top. It was love-in between the band and the crowd.

Glad I got the call and got off my ass for this show!



I had a rather amusing incident take place about 10 minutes ago at the corner of St. Urbain and St. Viateur. When I see drivers blatantly going through red lights on busy streets, I tend to show my displeasure. Sometimes I’ll swear, other times I’ll give them the one-finger salute. Either way, it’s just a way for me to say “You’re an idiot.”

It amazes me how many jock knuckleheads actually respond to this sort of infantile provocation. So today, I gave this idiot running a red light on St. Viateur the finger, and suddenly he forgot he was in a rush, stopped his car hard and fast with an awful screech, and gets out of the car. I just ignore him – I can smell these knuckleheads a mile away after living through many weekends of their ilk on my old street, and know it’s better not to bother. He gets out of the car and approaches me very aggressively, and asks what has to be the number one jock knucklehead question: “You got a PROBLEM?”. So I tell him he went through a red light. “Is that my PROBLEM, or you’re PROBLEM?”, as he actually pushes me with both his hands. Strangely, I wasn’t the least bit afraid, yet I knew that pushing back or even arguing with this guy was a complete waste of time and energy and probably hazardous to my health. So I just told him that it was my problem and had done with it. “Good, next time shut your mouth.” Brilliant! I told him I hadn’t said a word, that he was the guy who opened his mouth.

And that was that.

I couldn’t helpt but smile as I walked over to get my laundry… is it jocks can get so upset when someone gives them the finger and they’re clearly in the wrong? If I were fishing for jock knuckleheads and wanted a bait, I’d say just stand at any corner, wait for one of them to go through a red light as they invariably do, and get them with the one-finger salut. Usually works for me. 😉