Two days in a row of the Sun, after what seems like a couple of weeks of dull, cold, rainy days. It’s not like I’m taking advantage of it, but it’s nice to wake up and see a clear blue sky out of my windows.

Listening to the New Pornographers’ Twin Cinema yet again, remembering how much I enjoyed their show a couple of weeks ago. Never wrote about it, but I loved it and would place it at #3 in my fave shows of the year, right after Brian Wilson and Wilco. In the alternate AM radio universe, the New Pornographers would have at least 5 top ten hits by now. In my universe, almost every song on Twin Cinema is a gem, my kind of perfect pop.

I seem to be lacking focus these days and somehow that has to change. I have ideas for things I can do, besides looking for a job, but focus has been a severe problem. I can get focussed on doing physical things, but my mind these days is everywhere. But I can at least write about Fritjof  Capra’s “The Tao of Physics”.

Maybe later…


One thought on “Idle…

  1. Twin Cinema… best album of the year.
    Bleeding Heart Show… best song of the year.

    Nuff said.


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