It’s Sunday morning, “almost my favourite time of the week”, having a coffee and smoking too much. Yet another dull day in what seems like a week of dull days. It’s been a fairly quiet weekend…my roomate’s on a weekend tour of Ontario with Starvin’ Hungry, I’ve got the place to myself, and I’ve hardly been out. It’s kind of nice. Watched the Habs lose a close one to the Leafs last night. It’s never a good feeling losing to the Leafs, especially when Eric Lindros scores the winning goal. Like most Quebec hockey fans, I don’t think very much of this pea-brained former hockey prodigy, though I’ll admit that he’s a good player who was steered in the wrong direction by his parents.

I’ve had high-speed Internet for the last couple of weeks and I”m loving it. I’ve got my internal network setup and running both Linux and Windows XP hosts. Best of all, even when the DSL is down, as it is now, I’ve got access to another wireless link from downstairs. Wonderful.

I’ve just recieved a couple of calls, one from the new tenant in my old place. She needs a copy of my previous lease because her and her roomate are taking the bastard landlords to the Regie for over charging the rent. After I left, they did two months worth of renovations and then got a couple of McGill students who aren’t from Quebec. They figured they didn’t know the law, but they enough to know that what they’re paying is too much for what they have. When I left that place, my rent was 350$. The new tenants are paying 1150$! Apparently the Regie have stated that even if they did 50,000$ worth of renovations, the rent would only be in the 5-600$ region. So I’ll gladly oblige. Go get’em, Dominica!

The other call was from my good friend Geoff, suggesting I join he and his wife and a couple of others at the World Press exhibition and then a trip to the fabulous DOLLAR CINEMA to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I never thought I’d being seeing that kind of movie, but I hear it’s funny and at any rate the dollar cinema (used to be the Decarie Square Cinema) is simply one of the best deals anywhere. EVERYTHING is a dollar. Adminission, popcorn, drinks, candy. Now that’s a deal!


4 thoughts on “Idle

  1. tallulah went to the dollar cinema today with some friends to see charlie and the chocolate factory. I LOVE the dollar cinema.

    have to talk to you soon. I always say that, but it is crucial this time.


    1. The only other time I went to the dollar cinema was a few weeks ago for “Batman Begins” and I was astounded it existed at all! First thing I thought was “This is a great place for adults with children.”. Guess you’ve proved me right. It’s a no brainer, actually.

      Just got back and would give the movie 2 1/2 stars…Jolie and Pitt were actually very good in it, and it was decent entertainment until about 2/3 of the way through and then it was all car chase and shopping mall gunfights. Got kind of tiresome for me. Geoff and Nancy liked it more than I did, but still, I’m not complaining. It only cost me three bucks!!

      Call or email me anytime you need the help. I’ve got loads of time these days.

  2. Man, I hope the new tenants stick it to those fucking pigs. Landlords like that make me want to be a Stalinist. Well, you know, a little. Secretly.

    I’m from a Leafs family, and though I don’t follow hockey that much, it’s still in the blood. It’s a weird thing, though, because I was walking home through downtown after the game and seeing all these dopes in Leafs jerseys who were totally typical Ontario lunkheads, and thinking, jeez, fuck these people. But man, if I ever cheered against the Leafs, I couldn’t set foot in my father’s house again. And I love my dad, so that’s the way it has to be.

    1. So do I. These people are just the worst kind of landlords.

      As a Montrealer who has seen the Habs win 6 Stanley Cups in the last 30 years, I’ve admired the loyalty of Leafs fans. I was a year old the last time the Leafs won the Cup, and yet their fans remain loyal and somehow even manage to breed, even through they haven’t won anything in 38 years. You have to admire that. 😉

      Fans of the winning side in any sporting contest tend to act like lunkheads shortly after winning, though in my estimation none more than fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Glasgow Rangers. 😉

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