A real drag to be broke now, what with a bigger than ever Pop Montreal and rent just around the corner. Yet not all is doom and gloom….just found out the Devices, Crackpot, CPC Gangbangs, and Demons Claws are playing tonight at Divan Orange around 6PM!!!!!!!! It’s a suggested donation of 5 bucks, very reasonable.

It’s just insane how many shows are happening at this year’s festival. If I had a job, I’d say it was the ideal time to take a vacation. Wish I could have bought one of those passes. Damn!


Ashtray Heart @Playhouse

A couple of friends came by my place on Thursday and within a couple of
beers, we were off to the Playhouse to see Montreal’s most criminally
overlooked punk rock band, Ashtray Heart. Formerly a seedy Parc Avenue
strip joint, the Playhouse now hosts punk/metal shows on an occasional
basis through former Unruled guitarist Michel Cyr. I didn’t know what
to expect from the venue, except evidence of its former strip joint
persona. Add about 50 VLTs (well, a lot anyway), and you’ve got a
pretty good idea of the place.

As we approached the place, I could see Michel hanging outside, having
a smoke. Michel and I, while never actually good friends, are old
acquaintances. We met back in 1981 through Genetic Control’s Rob Huppee when we were in Sec IV. He was one of the few punks on Rob’s street in
Brossard, and going to his place for a visit was a chance to hear all
the bands we had heard of and wanted to hear but couldn’t. After a
quick chat, I went upstairs and was treated to some of the best punk
I’ve heard in a bar in years.  The “hits” just kept
coming….Buzzcocks, SLF, Clash, Damned, Ruts, DKs, Viletones…..I
could go on and on.

Ashtray Heart at Playhouse

Awright, time to post again

It’s remarkable the
effect  prolonged unemployment can have on one’s soul. I realized
this late last week, after I’d come out of a job interview feeling
confident and good about myself for the first time in weeks. Still
don’t know if I got the job,  but for a few days anyway, all was
well with the world except my bank balance. Unemployment sucks, being
broke sucks, but I’ll say this: I’ve got great friends and family.

So I haven’t been up to much these past few weeks. Haven’t even gone to
many shows….let’s see, saw Starvin’ Hungry put on two great sets at
Casa in late August…hell, I actually did the door and merch for them
that night in exchange for beer. And how can I forget  seeing Eric
Kearns and Luc Mantha (ex-Chino) with Steve Burliuk (ex-The Darned,
Fidget) and Mark Goodwin (L’il Buck) playing as Loaded By Beer at
Barfly on September 9, kicking off the annual Hangover Golf Tournament.
This out of the ashes of Chino’s lineup at the Alex tribute last March.
Fronted by both Steve and Mark, they played a combination of originals
and a few covers (shit! can’t remember them at the moment) and
thoroughly entertained over half an hour.   Barfly was good
and filled with old  friends. The Sweet Vains followed with a set
of Stones influenced rock/country. Thoroughly enjoyed their
performance, though I admit there was a fair amount of socializing
going on at this point so I wasn’t paying close attention.

I did try to see C’Mon last Thursday night at L’Hemisphere Gauche but I
just couldn’t last the night. I caught Whitey Houston and was really
impressed and will look forward to seeing them in another venue. I
really don’t know about L’Hemisphere Gauche….I’ve seen a few bands
there now but don’t find it a great place to see a band except when
you’re in the pit. Otherwise, the sound is muddy and you can’t see a
thing. Hopefully, I’ll get to see C’Mon in a venue they should be seen
in, like Sala Rosa, or, even better, Cabaret. Love their latest record,
“In the Heat of the Moment”.

Barfly nights are few and far between,  so I watch a lot of movies
instead. Some of the more memorable include City of God, Dogville, The
Machinist, American Psycho,  To Die For, Jacket and seasons 3 and
4 of Six Feet Under. 

Tonight, I’ve been invited to check out Ashtray Heart at the Playhouse on Parc just above St. Viateur. Might just be there…..