See you at…..

Brian Wilson this evening! Woo Hoo! Up until a couple of hours ago, I didn’t think I’d be going but I just got an offer for some free tickets that I could not possibly refuse. Thanks, Caroline!

As for the weekend’s crop of shows, I’ll be at Barfly for the Cockroaches and Starvin’ Hungry on Friday. I’ve seen both bands many times and they never fail to disappoint. The Cockroaches are very old-fashioned rock’n’roll – guitar, drums, and standup bass, played in a way I’m sure Buddy Holly would have approved of. Starvin’ Hungry…..well, they’re one of my fave punk rock’n’roll bands playing in the city these days. An unusual bill, but no more unusual than the Cockroaches playing with Jerk Appeal last week, which was a real treat. So while the Cockroaches play a more traditional rock’n’roll, they obviously have great taste in the post-punk bands they choose to play with. This Friday should be a great night!

Saturday night I’ll be at the Main Hall for Dead Messenger, Jerk Appeal, and Montreal’s living legends the American Devices. I don’t know a damn thing about Dead Messenger, but am obviously a fan of Jerk Appeal and the Devices so I’m really looking forward to it.


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