On my way to see the end of the European football season – AC Milan vs Liverpool. For once, a beautiful day! Whenever I imagine a Champions League final, I imagine it to be a beautiful, sunny day. It is, but I’ll be indoors at le Grand Bayou on Rachel catching what I hope will be a great match.

They’re doing some very dusty work in the back of my building today – sanding brick. The dust is everywhere, and I feel bad for my neighbours on Clark who have clothes on their clothes line. They’ll have to wash them all over again. It’s so bad I have to close my back door and windows. It’s also noisy….

So I blasted a CD of Nils demos from the early nineties I was lucky to get my hands on a couple of months ago. This stuff definitely has to get heard! Songs like “Easy”, “Buzz”, “Liberty Lady”, “Rock’n’Roll Banker”, and even a slowed down version of “Misbehavin'”. I’ve got about 8 different songs from 3 sessions. We’re calling them the Popa, Kastner, and Bilerman sessions after the guys who engineered them.

Jesse, if you want to get together and listen to this stuff be in touch! I’ve also got some great live stuff from thre same era recorded straight from the board……


4 thoughts on “Idle

    1. It sure was! It was all of us cheering after Liverpool had come back from being 3-0 down, scoring 3 goals between the 54th and 60th minute. They wound up winning the Champions League, against all the odds.


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