On my way to see the end of the European football season – AC Milan vs Liverpool. For once, a beautiful day! Whenever I imagine a Champions League final, I imagine it to be a beautiful, sunny day. It is, but I’ll be indoors at le Grand Bayou on Rachel catching what I hope will be a great match.

They’re doing some very dusty work in the back of my building today – sanding brick. The dust is everywhere, and I feel bad for my neighbours on Clark who have clothes on their clothes line. They’ll have to wash them all over again. It’s so bad I have to close my back door and windows. It’s also noisy….

So I blasted a CD of Nils demos from the early nineties I was lucky to get my hands on a couple of months ago. This stuff definitely has to get heard! Songs like “Easy”, “Buzz”, “Liberty Lady”, “Rock’n’Roll Banker”, and even a slowed down version of “Misbehavin'”. I’ve got about 8 different songs from 3 sessions. We’re calling them the Popa, Kastner, and Bilerman sessions after the guys who engineered them.

Jesse, if you want to get together and listen to this stuff be in touch! I’ve also got some great live stuff from thre same era recorded straight from the board……


Piracy is Good?

Piracy is Good? How Battlestar Galactica Killed Television is vital reading for anyone interested in digital distribution, as I am. What a great read! Marke Pesce specifically looks at the popularity of downloading TV shows through BitTorrent and what it means for broadcasters, who currently have a monopoly on distribution of television shows. His central point is that “hyper-distribution” channels like BitTorrent make the broadcaster redundant, since piracy has “short-circuited” the traditional producer=>broadcaster=>advertiser model that has sustained the television industry for 50 years.

Rather than having a downloaded show with commercial breaks, producers can sell what he calls “The bug” – screen real estate where the station ID normally sits. This is so simple, it might just work.

End of an era

For the record, I sold my lease to my landlord and will be moving come July 1. Sold it for more than he initially offered and am satisfied that my decision was the best one I could make. It’s time for a change.

It all happened very fast. After I wrote my entry dealing with the issue on April 29, I got word from my roomate (at the Motorhead show) that a great place he looked at on Clark at St. Viateur was ours if we wanted it. I only had to see it, and if I liked it, we could sign the lease immediately. So on the Sunday (May 1), I called my landlord and told him what I wanted and he agreed to my terms. The next day, I checked out the new place and was thoroughly impressed – a spacious 5 1/2 for a very reasonable $850 in a neighbourhood I’ve always loved. Signed the deal with my current landlord on the Tuesday, then signed my new lease on the Wednesday.

It’s been 12 years in this building hidden away on the Main. Longer than I’ve stayed anywhere else in my life and it’s been great. But the time has come to call it a day, and move on.