Personality Crisis!

Finally got myself an account at the Punk HC Tracker torrent site and found Personality Crisis’ Creatures For Awhile, one of the greatest Canadian hardcore punk records ever!!!! It was hard to find in Montreal when it came out in 1983, but I found it and listened to it practically every day for months before it wound up getting warped in the backseat of my Dad’s car back in ’85. I never found it again after that, and none of my friends had taped it so I’m listening to it for the first time in maybe 20 years and just completely blown away by what a great record is. It’s aged beautifully.

If you’ve never heard this before, check out Mrs. Palmer or Twilight’s Last Gleaming for a taste of how great this band were.


7 thoughts on “Personality Crisis!

  1. wicked, Johnny! glad you caught up with and old “friend”….it might come in handy tomorrow when your CL dreams lie smouldering in a heap around your ‘stool and all existance seems but a cruel and mocking travesty!
    your pal,
    the c.

    1. Re: wow!

      Glad you liked those two. You should really try to get an account at Punk HC Tracker. I think you’ll really like it. It’s maxed out right now, but everyday accounts are deleted so you can eventually get on. There’s tons of stuff available….but none of it major label. Strictly non-RIAA.

      This is a great you link you’ve provided me with! I’ve been to that site a few times, but hadn’t checked it since downloading this album. Good article.

      1. Re: wow!

        hey, johnny…

        here’s a site that’s dedicated to documenting the mtl hc/punk scene of the 80s. actually you should contribute to the site with all your anecdotes, pictures and stuff. you wouldn’t believe how young kids are into the nils, genetic control, scum, fair warning, zykome b etc.

  2. Personality Crisis

    Over at we also have quite a few pictures & posters from Personality Crisis – and many other Canadian bands – but if you want to contribute at Punk History Canada too – we’d love it!

    1. Re: Personality Crisis

      The site is a fantastic resource for us old schoolers. Thanks! I’d love to contribute….is there a specific contact I should use, or shall I just use the “contact us” form on the site?

      You can email me at

      1. Re: Personality Crisis

        yeah, john. you can just use the “contact us” form. i don’t know the guy at all. good luck to you man! if you need help lynching the landlord i am in.

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