Half An Entry

I really don’t have time to write anything like a full entry….there’s just so much to write about last night’s show. It was truly a thing of beauty. Someone posted a topic to the montrealshows web board on the show and I posted about one of the songs Ian played called “Half A Song”, written for Alex the day of the concert. You can read the thread here, but I’ll just post what I wrote here.

The last song Ian Blurton played is called “Half A Song”, written for Alex that day about meeting myself and Rick K. at the Barfly the previous evening. Read Alex’s Day to get some background:

We had a great night on Thursday with Ian, sitting at a corner of Barfly near the pool table, talking about music and Alex and the years of friendship we shared with him. He introduced the song by talking about walking into the Barfly with nothing but his guitar case and a white plastic bag with his belongings, being given a key to a place where he could stay, and then meeting us and staying there until closing. He wrote it as if he were talking to Alex, and it had us in tears. My friend hadn’t cried like that since the day we got the news of Alex’s death.

It really meant a lot to us, that song.

And the night! What a night! Los Patos, a post-Nils Alex band circa 1991 who hadn’t played together in 14 years pulled off something really special. They practised three songs of Alex’s the day of the show and had them down tight. Hats off to Steve Krevac on guitar/vocals, Clive McNutt on lead guitar, Stephane Hamel on bass, and the one and only Alex MacSween on drums.

There’s so much I could write about, but I’ve got guests here and will be on my way to the ‘Fly to meet up with other friends for a kind of post-party. If you were at the show last night and have a notion to get out, stop by the Barfly this afternoon. We’ll be playing stuff that Alex liked listening to and saying goodbye to some visitors in from out of town.”

It was a great night and there will be more written in the next couple of days. Something else, man.


2 thoughts on “Half An Entry

  1. 1. “Half a Song” was perfect, absolutely perfect.

    2. Los Patos were holy fucking great. Blown away. Then again, last night kind of proved that Alex’s songs work with almost any musician, any style. You could give “Daylight” to a monkey grinding an organ and it’d still sound good.

    3. I couldn’t believe how good the Nils sounded. The lags made it pretty hard for folks who’d been standing for four hours already, but every song made the wait worthwhile. Holy shit.

  2. 4. I brought my camera with intent to take some pictures, but there was never a point where I wanted to remove my attention 100% from enjoying the music, so I didn’t take any. Though I wish I’d got one of you pogoing with your fist in the air and singing along to “Fountains.” The love was strong.

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