Alex’s Day

Woke up to a phone call from Rick this morning, telling me he’s on his way up and will bring coffee. We had quite the night last night….He called me from the Barfly around 10:00, says he’s coming over to smoke…when he arrives, he says

“Ian Blurton’s sitting in the Bar on his own.”
“What? Really?”
“Well, we gotta get over there NOW.”
“Oh yeah.”

And that was how our evening started, getting the hell out of my place and getting to Barfly to introduce ourselves to Ian Blurton, an artist who Alex has known and respected since the late 80’s when he was in Change of Heart. We had never met Ian before last night, but with Alex gone and knowing the mutual respect they had for each other’s work it was a no-brainer to go up and sit down with him. So we sat at a front table and chatted with Ian about Alex and music until a member Tempus Fujit kindly asked us to move away from the front because of a band member’s asthma problem. By this time there was a crowd at the bar and no seats to be had, so we got seats at the corner of the room near the pool table. We dubbed it the “Alex Soria Memorial Corner”, just for the occasion. Alex’s two oldest friends sitting with one of his favourite contemporaries. Alex would have loved that. For the last hour before closing, we played the latest version of what we call the “covers” CD, 20 songs Alex covered in any band he ever played in. It dawns on me that 3 generation of Nils drummers and Chino all know “Don’t Cry No Tears” exactly the way Alex used to play it, which is slightly different than the original. It was his signature cover.

This is it…’s finally come. And it’s going to be a night to remember. If you’re a Nils fan at all, you won’t want to miss a single set this evening. From 9 PM sharp to about 12:30 AM, you’ll be treated to renditions of Alex’s songs and his favourite covers over the years. The whole show will be one big highlight. If anyone wants to see “Scratches and Needles” being played, get there for Jerk Appeal sharp at 9:00. They’re the only old-school punk band on the bill and they will rock the house with their version of it.

Gotta go….Eloi’s here, I’ve got email and phone calls to make…..


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