Chico woke me up bright and early today at 9:20 AM….he’s definitely gone to domestic on us. 😉 Told him I needed at least an hour more of sleep and he called me back at 11:00 and we made arrangements to have him pick me up with his rental vehicle. From there I guess we’ll catch up over coffee and then hook up with Carlos in Verdun. Can’t wait to see him. It’s been 14 years since Chico was in town…he seems totaly disoriented it’s been so long. He doesn’t seem to remember where everything is….

“Where do you live now?”
“St. Laurent, just above Duluth.”
“Just a couple of blocks north from the old Bar. St. Laurent.”
“OK, yeah, so you’re before St. Joseph.” (Chico, Carlos, and friend Rick all lived there back in ’88)
“And where’s Carlos living?”
“Yeah, remember when we lived in the Point, it’s just west of there.”
“Oh YEAH, I remember. How do I get there?”
“You know, it might be better for you to pick me up and then we can go from there….”
“You can be my instanavigator….” laughs

I laugh….almost wanting to hold back tears as I write this, remembering what it was about Chico that Alex loved …his sense of play…”instanavigator” being an imperfect play on instigator and navigator and coming from Chico it’s perfect. Chico always made us laugh. It was part of his job to make sure Alex laughed. No joke. He did his job superbly and when he couldn’t do it with his usual gusto, it was a dark day.


This past Saturday, Eric Kearns came over with a tape of an interview recorded at CKUT with Alex and Luc Mantha over 4 years ago. I think the show was “Underground Sounds”, and I’m going to make every effort to ensure that anybody who wants to hear this interview can. It’s one Alex’s rare interviews, and it’s a gem. Eric, Rick, and I laughed until we practically in tears and bowled over. It shows just how sharp he was, just how funny he could be when he wanted and will dispel some of the myths people had about him being shy. I don’t know if it’s that he was shy, he just didn’t want to ….. shit, gotta go, Chico’s waiting for me. Later.


3 thoughts on “Chico

  1. Hey John,

    Gee your live journal has become part of my drill … checking in to read some idle thoughts when Veronica is sleeping. Katharine and I are planning ourselves for Friday’s tribute show — as mothers we need almost as much time as the organizers just to attend. I am really looking forward to this and the memories that it brings back. Although I did not know Alex very well I have great memories of our times hanging out (I guess it started in ’84) I remember those fun and innocent days when you had your Dad’s wheels (the trusty Cutlass Brougham) and shit, I realize now the amount of driving that you did considering no-one else had a license (much less a car)! I saw some of the posters for the concerts and freak out how you guys are able to remember so many details. I believe that I went to a hell of a lot of those shows and enjoyed them but it’s all a blur as to which show happened where. It’s too bad that Vinnie won’t be able to make it although I do plan on sending him a note to let him know about it.
    We’ll see you on Friday night, then.
    Cheers, John!

    1. Hey Anne!

      Thanks for posting! I’m really glad both you and Katharine are going to make it. That’s quite a feat – the two of you out for the night. When was the last time that happened? You can tell me on Friday….I’ll make sure you guys have a place reserved.

      AH, the old Cutlass Broughm. We went through a lot with that car, didn’t we? I actually put in about 50,000 km with that car in about 3 years of driving everyone everywhere on the south shore and in town.

      Can’t wait to see you two there on Friday.

      1. Yeah, John, I was talking with Katharine yesterday and she really wouldn’t miss this for the world – she had such a soft spot for Alex.

        We talk about Alex regularly and can’t understand the whys (never will). I truly believe that this was a tragic accident with circumstances unfolding too fast, but it most definitely was an accident with no time to think straight. I am so happy seeing all of his close friends pulling together to show love and honour him with good music. I can see him giving one of those devilish grins..

        Do you know that I found myself thinking about Alex in the month of November. I kept thinking about his music and how I don’t have any — I wanted to buy some… it kept rolling around in my head and it felt weird when I heard the news from Katharine. As I said before I never got to know Alex well but on December 8th I was thinking today is Alex’s birthday. I am sure that you can point me in the right direction to buy some Nils music (.. perhaps some Chino too as I keep hearing good stuff about it).

        I keep Alex in my prayers and only think of him with that wonderful grin that lights up his whole face.

        A domani

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