Quickie Entry

I’ve been busy with a number of things over the past couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to update this blog, but thought I’d write a quick entry now to get the ball rolling again. It’s the week of the Alex Soria Memorial Concert and I have a lot to look forward to. First, there’s seeing my old friend Guy Caron (aka Chico Fit) when he arrives in town on Wednesday. I haven’t seen Chico since 1990 – way too long. I expect laughter and tears when we meet under circumstances neither of us could have expected. When I met Chico back in 1982, he and Alex were what I call a package deal. You rarely saw one without the other they were so close. I also got word last night that Jim Bryson will be appearing alongside Chris Page when I thought he wouldn’t be able to make it. This should be great! And, apart from all the other distinguished guests playing on this bill, I look forward to closing the chapter on the darkest winter of my life. Once this show is over, and I’ve reunited with friends I haven’t seen in many years, it’s time to really move on.

I won’t comment very much on the Mirror’s Remembering Alex Soria, except to say that many people have really liked it and some have told me they were moved to tears reading it. I really wish Chris Barry got Alex’s year of birth right, though. I don’t know how, but a bunch of Internet sources have had Alex down as being born December 8 and dying December 2004 at 39, which means he could only have been born in 1965, but hey, I guess it’s just a minor detail. Loved the cover photo, and I’m glad a part of the story has been told. It’s by no means the last word, though. There’s much, much more to write about…..

Cover of this week’s Montreal Mirror

Here’s an eflyer for the Alex Soria Memorial Concert.

Now I’m getting set to see Steve Earle this evening at Club Soda. Every time I’ve visited Alex over the past 6 years, a selection of his favourite Steve Earle tracks were always played. There’s going to be a bunch of Alex’s old friends there, thinking of him and wishing he was with us. Should be a geat night.


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