Joel Plaskett Nominates “Scratches and Needles” for CBC’s 50 Tracks

Woke up to 50 tracks today and was quietly thrilled to catch Joel Plaskett’s case for putting “Scratches and Needles” on their list of top 50 “most important Canadian pop songs”. I’ll definitely be taping this when they replay the show on Saturday night at 7:30. I had never heard of Mr. Plaskett until I’d read his post in the comments section of Jamie O’Meara’s Alex Soria Obit, and even then I didn’t realize he was a celebrity of sorts. He made a great case for the song making the list, but I doubt the other guests are going to give it a nod on Friday so it’ll come down to a public vote next week on their website. The good news is you can vote as often as you like, so if we can get a pretty determined bunch to vote often then it might stand a chance – it just depends on what the other songs are. Pity the Demics’ “New York City” this week is up against “Snowbird” and “Wondering Where the Lions Are”. It’s out of the running already. If “Disco Sucks” had to go to the public vote, it wouldn’t come close either.

Shelagh Rogers did not like the song – which is exactly what I expected. She was probably a Parachute Club fan when the Nils were opening for X in 1983. At least one of the guests, forget who, liked it but didn’t think it should be on the list. We would have had better luck with the 70s panel last week.

Have to say it was weird hearing “Scratches and Needles” in the context of that show – as it was with the Demics and DOA last week. The coolest thing is the next nomination after the Nils was Neil Young’s “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”, and the panel wasn’t too crazy about that either. We could have a situation by Friday where Neil Young and the Nils will be up against each other in the voting!!!! I know who Alex would vote for – Neil Young. In an instant. I’m afraid I’ll have to defy Alex’s wishes and vote for “Scratches…”. Still, it would be cool to have the Nils up there in the voting along with Neil Young – probably one of Alex’s biggest influences (along with Chris Baily and Paul Westerberg). Yeah!

“Join Jian Ghomeshi today for 50 Tracks, as he and his panel
tackle the songs of the Eighties. Jian’s guests are music
journalist (and Canoe co-founder John Sakamoto, musician
(and East Coast Music Award nominee Joel Plaskett, and
Denise Donlon, broadcaster and recording executive. Today,
they’ll be wrangling over the respective merits of
“Scratches and Needles” by the Nils, and “Rockin’ in the
Free World” by Neil Young. 50 Tracks, this morning right
after the 11 o’clock news (11:30 NT) on Sounds Like Canada,
on CBC Radio One.”

I’ll post when the voting starts….

It might also be time for me to soon post the story of the incident that inspired “Scratches and Needles”. I was there, along with three other scared sixteen year-olds.


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