Alex Ttribute Show

Tonight a bunch of us are getting together at the Copa to discuss the plan of action for the Alex Soria Tribute Concert to be held March 11 at the Main Hall. There’s a fair amount of work going into this, and I really hope it’s a success. If it could be nearly as good as the Jerry,Jerry farewell concert at Cafe Campus, I’d be happy. Hopefully, everyone who has ever played with Alex over the years will participate in some way. So far Carlos, Terry Toner (first drummer), Chico Fit, and Marc Donato (ex-Chino) are set play a good few Nils songs and from what I hear it’s sounding pretty good. Chico won’t be there until he arrives in from Vancouver the Tuesday before the show. There will be more than this happening, of course, and within the next couple of weeks artists will be confirmed. Looks like there’s also going to be a special MiMi awarded in Alex’s name to the most promising songwriter of the year. More on this when it’s made public.

The thing I’d like to see happen as well is a cover band doing all the covers Alex used to like doing over the years. My friend Kearns assembled a CD with just a few of the songs he used cover, and it’s awesome. It’s as if all the covers he ever did were his ultimate mixed-tape – songs he not only liked to listen to, but loved playing. I think I’m going to through this “mixed-tape” of Alex”s over the next month and remember…..

Neil YoungDon’t Cry No Tears

Alex loved Neil Young, and what Canadian rocker wouldn’t? One of my favourites, and I think even Neil himself would have thought Chino’s live version rocked. I can’t remember when Alex started playing it, but it integrated seamlessly into the set and a lot of people who didn’t know the original would mistake it for an Alex song. I can see why. The lead part is very typical of the kind of leads Alex usually concocted in his songs, and even the lyrics evoke a sentiment found in some of his lyrics – a longing for what is lost, but also resignation to one’s fate. I think Alex saw a kindred spirit in Neil Young through “Don’t Cry No Tears“.


2 thoughts on “Alex Ttribute Show


    Gawd that’s a great song. I thought Alex wrote it. John can you tell Carlos that I’m so sorry to hear the news about Alex and give him a hug for me. After seeing your picture sitting around that kitchen table when you guys were younger, I realized that you and I have chatted before but it’s been a long time. Take care. Aileen.

  2. Aileen?

    ‘Tis a great song, isn’t it?

    I’m sorry, Aileen, but I can’t recollect where I might know you from. Please email me at johnpaulcampbell@[removethis]

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