Friday Night

At Barfly last night – again. Anyone who knows me knows this is practically the only place I go out for a pint, and so it was last night.

The bands were a mixed bag, but not terrible. The first round was two guys with guitars making a lot of noise, with the most memorable part being their version of Sonny and Cher’s “The Beat Goes On”. Other than that, most of the regulars were glad to see the set end. The second round was one guy playing an acoustic set which was OK. Nothing really outstanding, but after the noise of the previous set, he was pretty easy on the ears. The Caines were the night’s first proper band, a four piece who seem midway between the garage and CHOM’s L’Esprit contest. Their set consisted of some pretty good rock songs that lacked a little punch. I’d like to see this band get heavier with the same material. The Jason Dagg Band were by far the best band of the night. Mr. Dagg, who can’t be much more then 21 years young, is quite a talent. He plays keyboards, lead guitar, and sings. Not only that, but the songs are actually very good. At least one song reminded of The Meatpuppets. I’d check them out again. The last band was fronted by a guy named William Rockwell, who was ostensibly the evening’s host. They were probably the heaviest band of the night, but by this time I was more interested in the pool table and the conversation I was having with a lovely young woman who is on her way to the States and discovering very quickly how tough things can get at the border these days. After that, I’m afraid, I was bound for last call. Got home about 3:30 and listened to Wilco, the New Pornographers, Neil Young, and X until at least 4:30.

Tonight it’s a friend’s annual Robert Burns Day party. Lots of fine scotch, song, food, and great company. I hear they might even have a haggis this year…..this probably means I’ll be at my usual haunt come last call. Oh no, not again……


2 thoughts on “Friday Night

    1. That’s the Song!

      Thanks, Trixie! That’s the title I was lloking for.

      It’s very late, listening to the New Pornographers right now. “Electric Version” is a drug. Really.

      Was with Carlos for a while this evening. The memories…..


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