After a Long Hiatus

…I’m back, I think;-)

I could get into an involved story about just how screwed up this past winter has been, but I won’t get into it. It was a case of an already tenous situation getting much worse until it finally ended on Feb. 23. Suffice it to say that I’m currently unemployed, but relieved that the situation worked out alright and my relationship with my previous employer is over. I qualify for EI benefits and I’m currently looking for work. There are no hard feelings. Time to move on.

I am slowly beginning to regain focus, trying re-create my day in such a way that everything I want to do I do, and that requires some kind of order, both in time and space. If I don’t stick to a schedule and organise the day ahead of me I’ll putter and dabble, never really getting anything done. And I want to get things done.

I’m feeling the need to create something from the various fragments that make up my life. Writing in this little blog is a big part of it because it’s my space to write as I please and work out idle thoughts and develop ideas. Of course, I could do all this in a paper journal, but where’s the fun in that? I’m going to take on the task of getting comments working, or may just move this journal over to Moveable Type


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