It’s Been A Month

a whole month. i took a bad fall back in early december which led to a severe fracture of my fifth digit (“pinky”). it never set properly, so i had to go into surgery on 30-12-2003. while i had a half-cast for the first 3 weeks, the surgery was fairly involved and i now have a full cast that renders my left hand unuseable. i’ll have this thing on me for the next 3-4 weeks at least, so no caps in my entries for a while. it’s just too much trouble right now.

i now have lots of time on my hands, but i’m pretty much housebound. for the past 2 weeks, i’ve filled a lot of time watching videos and dvds people have loaned me or rented for me. i don’t have cable, but have kind friends who have supplied me with season 1 of “the office” (hilarious), season 2 of “24” (the crack cocaine of serial tv), and the completely off the wall “league of gentlemen”. i’ve seen lots of movies on vhs and have tried to keep track of them all on the imdb, mostly all the escapist comic-book type stuff i’ve missed over the past year. i think my favourite comic-book adaptation was ang lee’s “the hulk”. i love the x-men movies, but i thought the hulk was in another league. i’m sure many will disagree, but as a movie, i think it’s one of the better comic book adaptations.

“six feet under” is the best dramatic television i’ve seen in years. i’m only 3 episodes into the first season, and already i can’t say enough good about it. i’ve never seen a a show that depicts death and the way people deal with it better than “six feet under”. i lost my father suddenly when i was 20, and it resonated. looking forward to catching up…..

and i think this is all i can manage as my first entry of the new year. no politics today – i haven’t been following anything closely since my operation. all i’ve wanted to do is escape into hollywood movies in the past couple of weeks. when i can’t get very far physically, i guess escaping into movies is the next best thing.

Happy New Year!


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