Matt Taibbi’s Take on the the Bush Thanksgiving Stunt

The very witty Matt Taibbi is as usual scathing and funny in his latest column, Stuffed on Thanksgiving:In Baghdad, the fourth estate buys the fake. While he expects nothing less than that kind of stunt from Bush, he is absolutely scathing in his criticism of the reporters who went along with it, and no less to the papers who put the story on the front page.

“Rather than tune out and tell the president to pay for his campaign ads like all the other candidates, the entire American media rolled over and covered the stunt at face value, even after the administration made it clear that the only journalists they would invite along would be the ones who could be counted on to portray Bush as a cross between Christ and Douglas MacArthur.”

Beautiful. He’s right about this. One can criticize Bush for this kind of PR stunt, but it is the press that went along with it. If they weren’t there, there would be no story. Which brings me to an interview Rick MacArthur recently gave to Democracy Now!, in which he states,“…. I’m thinking that the proper response for Americans, for readers and viewers of the news, is to assume that the press is now part of the government.” Indeed.


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