Larry Spencer in His Own Words

The Canadian Alliance MP and “family affairs” critic in Stephen Harper’s shadow cabinet has some interesting thoughts on homosexuality. This was just the wake up call for those Progressive Conservatives who think uniting the right is a good thing. In contrast to our neighbours to the south, being a mainstream conservative in this country usually means moderate to progressive views on homosexuality. Mr. Spencer’s thoughts can only be described as lunatic fringe.

“I do believe it was a mistake to have legalized [homosexuality]…

OK, that may be an extreme view, but I grant that for some anyways, it’s not lunatic fringe. But it gets better. There is apparently a gay conspiracy, starting with a speech made by an unnamed gay activist sometime in the 60s. Though he couldn’t remember who, what, or when, he did manage to paraphrase (I guess) a quote:

“His quote went something like this . . . ‘We will seduce your sons in the locker rooms, in the gymnasiums, in the hallways, in the playgrounds, and on and on, in this land.’ “

Gee, this is pretty scary stuff.

“The activists that organized in those days (encouraged) people of their persuasion to enter into educational fields, and to do this with the feeling of a mission, you know, of going out there as pioneers in a — quote — human rights area, and I think they were successful, as we’ve seen.”

So gays were encouraged to go on a crusade, though what the cause was isn’t clear. Was it a conspiracy to turn heteros into homos? Or was it just to have th right to be gay without going to jail for it. But he doesn’t believe that gays should be made to go to jail for their “crime”.

“I wouldn’t even suggest that there would be a penalty. I just think it’s so sad that we have to take an issue like this and be asked to put the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on it without being allowed to tell the truth and talk about facts.”

So he’s not all bad…..he doesn’t want to punish gays for being who they are, and apparently believes in Fact and Truth.

This should give long-time members of the Progressive Conservative party pause. The problem is less what he said, which is pretty loony, but that Stephen Harper must have known of Mr. Spencer’s views, yet gave him the “family affairs” position in his shadow cabinet. Surely he could have done better than Larry Spencer. He has now been fired from his position, but the damage is done. The Canadian Alliance is exposed for what it really is: a right wing fringe party. In the States, they would be mainstream. But Canada is not the US, thank you very much.

Now if David Orchard could win his fight to keep the PCs alive, we might have a viable alternative to Paul Martin’s Liberals in 5 years. Those who think that uniting the right is a good thing for democracy in this country should think again. A member of the Alliance believes the sexual identity of some should have remained illegal. That is not democracy. It’s borderline fascist.

Sources:, google news search.


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