Fifth Estate on 9/11

Thankfully, Canada still has the CBC, much to the chagrin of those Canadian wannabe Americans who think only the likes of Bell (CTV) and Can-West (Global) and other free market approved organizations can give us real news. I’ll have to say that while CBC News is not perfect, its probably the most honest news reporting network north of the Mexican border. I mean, where else could we see Afghan Massacre – Convoy of Death, a film few people in North America have ever seen that documents a gruesome massacre that took place with the implicit approval of US Special Forces. Certainly not on Can-West or CTV. It’s not what we’re told, it’s what we’re not told. This is the sad reality of the state of news media.

At any rate, this evening’s season premiere of the Fifth Estate takes a look at all these little factoids most people never here of about 9-11 in “Conspiracy Theories”. They may not all add up to conspiracy, but they should certainly give us pause for thought. There are so many unanswered questions to well established but little known facts both before and after 9-11. I personally doubt that the criminal gang known as the Bush Administration could have orchestrated that tragedy, however it has to be said that it was a dream come true for them. No single group has reaped more benefits from this event than than the Bush Gang.

Those of us who have read alternate news sources in the past couple of years have known about most of these factoids – the long standing connections between the Bush family, the Bin Ladens, and the Carlyle Group, the way the Bin Ladens still in the US after 9-11 were quietly put on a private jet with not a single question ever asked of them. Check out Follow the Money Bush: 9/11 and Deep Threat. And watch “Conspiracy Theories” on the Fifth Estate.

Only in Canada……


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