Calexico at Cabaret

Had the pleasure of taking in Calexico last night at the Cabaret, and as always they don’t disappoint. My only problem was with my back(ache), which made it very difficult to be comfortable anywhere in the venue. The sound, while still head and shoulders above most, was by their standards wanting at times. They’re playing two nights here with Irish bandThe Frames – a very pleasant surprise that got the crowd warmed up to the point where they actually came out and did a short one-song encore – very unusual for an opening act.

I won’t say much about Calexico, only that they remain one of my favourite live acts in my 20 years of concert going. Their music is well described by their name, a bit of Mexico, a bit of California, a lot of both rolled into one. A very BIG SOUND – off the top of my head, you hear trumpets, acoustic/steel/electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboards. Their sound is so full and easy on the ears you just don’t want it to stop. I loved it.

More on Calexico Live. My words could never do them justice.


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