Weekend Shows

Well, just in case it slips my mind, there are two shows of note this weekend. First. this evening, a good few people will be going to the Sapphire Club to check out old-school punk rock band “Jerk Appeal”, fronted by BarFly bartender “Ted Haircut” and his buddy Curt from the “Stitches”. Should be a good night of old-school punk rock.

But the bill of the weekend is undoubtedly Starvin’ Hungry with The Dropouts at Petit Campus on Saturday. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Starvin Hungry at the Barfly a few times, and they’re loud, intense, and remind me of why I got into punk rock all those years ago. The Dropouts were a big surprise for me one very busy Friday night at the Barfly a few months ago. They were completely unknown to me, and they came on like they’d been playing for years, but apparently these guys haven’t been “bar legal” for too long. Anyway, this is the show, and I’ll probably have an entry devoted to it on Sunday or Monday.

And, as of the end of the day today, I’m on vacation. Woohoo!


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